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* Horse Power: 850+ All HD. Furnace brazed 10" converters (STALL 1800-2000)include flanged hub, heavy duty Torrington bearings, and furnace brazed pump and turbines. All transmissions are re-manufactured with the highest grade, most expensive performance parts on the market today. Each transmission is hand assembled by a master technician with at least 20 years experience. The entire re-manufacturing process from initial teardown to final DYNO testing takes 20-25 hours. All hard parts are RE-MANUFACTURED to exceed factory specifications for tolerances. Includes new gasket set, seals, bushings,CUSTOM MADE ROLLER SPRAG, & sealing rings. Transmissions are extensively DYNO tested with their converter the equivalent of 30 miles on the street. We simulate load on the transmission and converter and run them at speeds of 130mph. We check pressures and temperatures and all forward gears, and reverse. We make sure they are perfect before they leave our facility. This transmission and converter are for highly modified engines,for racing, competition or street. THIS TRANSMISSION HAS A 5 YEAR WARRANTY PARTS & LABOR.

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